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Encasa Homes Couverture pour Planche à Repasser avec Support en Feutre Moyen (pour Planche de Longueur 109-114 cm et Largeur 30-35 cm) Black Arrow


This Replacement Cover for your Ironing Board is made from 100% cotton printed fabric, in bright colours which uplift your home. It is laminated on the back with a nice soft Fiber Pad which helps give smooth and quick ironing of your clothes. It is fitted with all round drawstring for tightening onto your Ironing board, and holding the string in place with a toggle. We make this cover in 4 different sizes, so please choose the size only after measuring your board length & width. This will avoid bad fitting. We are direct manufacturers of this product and have been exporting them all over the world since many years. The covers we now offer you are developed with all this experience.SIZE: Measure your Board – This Replacement Cover is made to fit a board of size Length 109-114 cms & Width 30- 35 cms. Choose this cover if your length and width falls in the given dimensions, then it will fit perfectly.
FABRIC: 100% cotton printed fabric, laminated with soft Fiber Pad & fitted with drawstring and lock for easy installation. The drawstring enables you to tighten the cover around the board so it gets a creaseless fit.
QUALITY: Strong fabric and Fast colours will last you a long time. Scorch Resistant finish ensures the cover does not become easily discoloured on excess heating. Tolerates high ironing temperatures upto 220*. Cover & Pad is washable in cold water.
QUICK IRONING: Good quality cotton fabric and heat resistant fiber pad ensure smooth ironing at maximum efficiency and minimum electricity cost.

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